How to import a list into Apple reminders

23.1.2021, 9:54:37

After some update of Apple's Reminders app pasting a list into Reminders stopped creating a list of reminders items, but it would create a single reminders entry with an entire list as a content.

It doesn't make sense for me and is supper annoying when my wife sends me grocery shop list via Google Drive. Then I need to retype it to the Reminders app so I can use it on my Apple Watch in the store. Using a phone in the store is a no no due to the annoyance of unlocking a phone while wearing a mask.

So, finally, today, I found a way of doing that. You can check the video below or follow this repro list:

  • Copy a list from whatever
  • Paste it into Apple Notes app - make sure it's an actual list
  • Now, there's a "checkmark" icon on the top bar. Highlight entire list. Click it.
  • The list is now a checkmark list. Copy it and paste it to the reminders app.
  • TADA. Works.