IDN lightning talk on Smashing Conference at Freiburg

In September I had a pleasure to give a short talk as a Lightning Talks speaker at Smashing Conference in Freiburg. The topic is IDN, something I also wrote on this blog already. Since it was my very first public talk about technical things I was quite stressed but after checking it on Vimeo I […]

Pure CSS dynamic multiline paragraph placeholder

Whoa! Long post title for a long story about: how to get a container height of exact n line-heights (tldr; use display:grid with grid-template-rows) how to make use of it by creating a cool dynamic paragraph placeholder with quite elegant CSS an HTML How did this start? I was assigned to a task that required placeholders […]

How not to be a rookie and let your users use their localised domains

In the previous article, it’s explained why you don’t want to use a localized e-mail address. This article explains the opposite – how to implement IDN in your app. Why even bother? You might ask, why implement something for a small fraction of users? It is true, that in most cases it would not make a lot […]

Why you don’t want e-mail in internationalised domain

1. Looks good, but not everyone can type it You might think that “my-wö” is a cool name for your website and hä[email protected]ö is even better (Unicode in username is currently not available), but the problem is that not everyone knows how to type umlauts. Some people say it’s possible on Windows with an English […]

Permanently blocked port on Macos High Sierra

Short note with quick solution. For some time my react app was constantly refusing to run on localhost:3000. For some time I thought that maybe there’s some forgotten node process still running in the background. After some investigation I found that something changed on MacOS High Sierra networking setup and localhost is often not resolved […]

Promise is not just simplified callbacks pattern

Since ES6 popularity grows, Javascript Promises use is getting more and more attention. Many forget that Promise is not just a nice way to simplify callbacks it’s much more – keeping the resolution state as long as the Promise is kept in a memory. Let’s imagine a scenario that we have a module that will fetch some information from localStorage […]

CSS image transition and memory leaks

CSS transitions are features we all love and admire. They allow us to communicate with browser rendering engine and make cool things we were never able to do so fast and easy. We also assume that we just have to use CSS as an API and don’t really need to care about memory management. Everything […]